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“We need new leaders focused on leadership, not partisan politics. Leaders that will fight

for individual rights promote justice and equality, and empower economic innovation.”


One of Tim’s top priorities is to create good-paying jobs throughout South Jersey. He strongly believes that working families deserve a living wage and that no one should have to choose between putting food on the table or paying their rent.

Tim believes in commonsense solutions to fix unemployment and underemployment throughout the region. One of those is to build and refresh our infrastructure.

South Jersey is in need of a massive expansion of public transit. By significantly expanding rail and busing, our region can create good-paying jobs and connect workers, businesses, and families in an affordable, environmentally-friendly way. In addition, Tim wants to utilize and leverage our existing infrastructure, such as the Atlantic City airport, and expand transit options for those living in and traveling to our region.

Tim is also focused on making sure families within the district can make ends meet. The American Rescue Plan’s child tax and earned income credit expansion will help tens of thousands of families in South Jersey, but Tim wants to focus on making these permanent. He believes that the government should do everything it can to side with working families, not special interests.


Tim will protect women’s health care and believes that health care decisions should be made by a woman and her doctor, not politicians in Washington.

Tim believes it is outrageous that women working full-time make 82 cents to every dollar a man earns. The gap is even wider for Black women, who make just 63 cents compared to white men. Tim believes we have a long way to go to ensure that women are paid equally for equal work, and he will strongly support measures like the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure we make progress.

While New Jersey has a stronger paid family leave program than most other states, Tim wants the federal government to ensure that nobody has to choose between their children and their job. He believes it is shameful that the United States is the only developed country in the world that does not have a federal paid family leave program in place.


Tim’s career in law enforcement and perspective as a gun owner will allow him to act as a bridge-builder in Washington and be a national voice on the issue of gun violence prevention.

As a former law enforcement officer and gun violence survivor, Tim understands that we need to get guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals. Tim’s lived experience makes him the ideal leader in Congress for commonsense solutions to end this crisis.

A gun owner himself, Tim supports responsible gun ownership and commonsense solutions like universal background checks, extreme risk protection orders, and safe storage laws. Since our gun safety laws are sadly only as strong as their weakest link, Tim knows we must act at the federal level to protect our communities from the scourge of gun violence.


At a young age, Tim was shot at and beaten by police officers. After that experience, he was more convinced than ever that he wanted to serve the public and help reform law enforcement from within.

Tim became a law enforcement officer and is now a civil rights attorney and a nationally recognized voice on the issues of criminal justice and reform.

Tim’s personal and professional experiences have empowered him to lead on these issues. One of his top priorities in Congress will be working on bipartisan legislation to end excessive force and promote transparency in local police departments. We must hold our law enforcement to the highest standard and invest in proper training  – by reimagining our training practices, we can root out dysfunctional norms and keep our communities safe.

Tim will fight racial and religious profiling of any kind, work to end the school-to-prison pipeline, support modernizing our federal cannabis and drug provisions, and support the reform of our non-violent sentencing laws.


Tim is an ardent supporter and ally of the LGBTQ+ community. With anti-LGBTQ+ legislation making its way through state capitols throughout the country, Tim knows that we must pass the Equality Act to protect all Americans from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


Tim fully supports President Biden’s environmental and infrastructure plans and he will fight to ensure that South Jersey is not forgotten in Congress. As climate change affects our neighborhoods and businesses, we need to make sure both get their fair share in any piece of legislation.


America has long been a beacon for Democracy worldwide, but our institutions have weathered attacks coming from both foreign regimes and bad actors at home. Tim is running for Congress to protect and expand the right to vote. He believes the right to vote should be cherished and defended from partisan attacks.

Tim supports H.R. 1, otherwise known as For the People Act, which will reduce the outsized influence of monied interests in our elections and will ban partisan gerrymandering. He also backs the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which would protect the voting rights of communities of color and reinstate key provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Tim believes that we must pass both pieces of legislation swiftly. As a Black American, Tim knows that we cannot return to the days of Jim Crow.

Tim recognizes corporate and dark money has had a corrosive impact on our democracy. He has not and will not take a dime of corporate PAC money.


The issue of healthcare is personal to Tim: after contracting a rare disease, his daughter continues to be affected by her long-term illness and relies on our health care system to fulfill her health care needs. He knows making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans can save lives.

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